Home Remodeling Trends That Save Money

Home remodeling can make your house into your dream home and doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. You don’t need a home equity loan to make updates to your home and increase your property value. There are a few home remodeling trends that save money while also increasing value.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Families are looking for big back yards with space for entertaining and running children. Creating a sophisticated but family-friendly atmosphere in your back yard can be done by adding a patio or deck, having gardening and landscaping, adding pathways, and installing decorative fire pits or gazebos with seating. Backyard entertaining is what every family wants to do in the summertime. Use this summer to have a backyard home remodeling project completed.

Fresh Paint

If you can’t replace, repaint! A fresh coat of paint on siding or cabinets makes it look brand new instantly. Painting your walls makes your home look cleaner and newer. You can even paint small things like door trim or the mailbox to add accents to your home for cheap.

Updated Appliances

Sometimes it’s not the fixtures that outdate a kitchen it’s the appliances. If the kitchen is part of your home remodeling project, consider upgrading the appliances rather than remodeling the entire space to save money. Brand New Stainless-Steel appliances and a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a kitchen.

Accent Wall

If your entryway or living room needs a facelift, consider adding an accent wall with shiplap or wainscoting. Adding beadboard (also known as “chair rail”) is another way to brighten and elevate your space. No matter what style you’re going for, this modern wood paneling (normally painted white) is all the rage right now – and very different from the classic dark wood in your grandma’s den.

If your home remodeling budget is tight, these four projects can make a lot of difference with just a little cash. If you’re ready to hire the professionals to help complete your home remodeling project, contact us today!